• Brands

    At Vitamin Answer, we take pride in offering a vast selection of products including natural, organic, botanical, sustainable & green items from the brands you trust! The relationships we have with high quality manufacturers such as Source Naturals, Planetary Herbals, Twinlab, Natrol, Naturade, Nutrition Now, Hylands, Yogi, Natural Vitality and many others, allows us to offer this large assortment of products - at a price thats friendly on your wallet!

  • Vitamins & Supplements

    Vitamins and Supplements

    Lets face it. In todays busy world we are sometimes left with no choice but to consume food that may not have the best nutritional value. Since our body relies on a balanced diet containing fruit and vegetables to receive the micronutrients it needs, its a good idea to supplement those missing minerals and vitamins when we are unable to eat a nutritionally sound diet. Our bodies are like machines -providing them with the nutrients they need allows us to perform at our very best, fight disease, and live a healthy, happy life!

    At Vitamin Answer, we make it easy to supplement your diet with the vitamins and minerals your body may be missing out on. Offering the very best from Source Naturals, Planetary Herbals, Rainbow Light, Health Science Brands and other trusted manufactures, youll find a wide assortment of natural and organic vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, daily multivitamin formulas, essential fatty acids, probiotics and more to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sports & Fitness

    Sports and Fitness

    It isnt a mystery that one of the most important things you can do in order to live a healthy life is to stay active! Whether you run, swim, lift weights, play team sports, or practice yoga - getting a daily dose of exercise keeps your body, mind & spirit strong. While most of us concentrate on what type of activity we do to stay fit, its equally important to address pre-workout nutrition including supplements, as well as post-workout recovery. This allows your body to receive the greatest benefits from your exercise routine.

    At Vitamin Answer, we offer natural and organic products to support your sport and fitness regimen. With a variety of strength and endurance products from popular brands including Source Naturals, Planetary Herbals, Twinlab and Champion Nutrition, we have a large variety of protein powders and shakes, sports formulas, electrolyte drinks, amino acids, ginseng, topical remedies for muscle soreness and more to support your active life!
  • Diet

    Diet and Weight Management

    Sometimes maintaining a balanced diet and exercise program isnt enough to produce the weight control results you are looking to achieve. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, bulk up or just improve your overall nutrition, it can be difficult to find supplements that will produce results and wont be harmful to your body! With a slew of diet products on the market containing ingredients that are almost impossible to pronounce, many times the results they produce arent worth the damage they could inflict on your long term health.

    At Vitamin Answer, we offer a large assortment of all-natural, botanical diet and weight control products that are good for your body. Featuring brands you trust including Source Naturals, Hobe Labs, Only Natural, Twinlab and more, you can control your weight with products ranging from appetite suppressants and enhancers, carbohydrate blockers, fat reducers, meal replacement shakes, diet teas, metabolism boosters and natural sweeteners to maintain a healthy diet the natural way!
  • Herbs, Fruits & Berries

    Herbs, Fruits and Berries

    When seeking natural remedies, there is no better place to turn to than the healing properties of herbs, fruits and berries. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments including colds, low energy, achy joints and upset stomachs. Fruit extracts have been widely recognized for their ability to relieve congestion, reduce acne and cure bladder infections. Goji berries, blueberries, acai berries and bilberries are praised for being extremely high in antioxidants.

    At Vitamin Answer, you can find hundreds of different herbs, fruits and berries including aloe vera, flaxseed, yerba mate, garlic, echinacea, gingko, milk thistle & ginseng! Offering the very best teas, essences, extracts, concentrates, capsules and syrups from Yogi, Source Naturals, Planetary Herbals, Natrol, Natures Way, Lily Of The Valley and more youll be on well your way to treating what ails you both botanically and naturally.
  • Bath, Body & Beauty

    Bath, Body and Beauty

    In todays stressful world, there is nothing quite like the relaxation and rejuvenation you feel after taking a nice hot bath or shower. Throw in some hair, face or other body treatment and youll be feeling like a million bucks! Want to feel even more refreshed than that? Trusting that the body care products you use are good for you, your family and the environment is the ultimate icing on the cake.

    At Vitamin Answer we offer a large range of bath, body and beauty items including many that are all-natural, organic and botanical. Choose from scrubs, sponges and soaps to create the perfect shower or soak in the tub; mists, sprays, creams and moisturizers for skin and body nourishment; as well as make-up, fragrances and hair removal to add the final touches. Featuring popular brands such as Kiss My Face, Jason Natural Products, Borlind, Weleda, Derma E & Desert Essence Organics - we have you covered no matter what type of daily beauty routine you have!
  • Household


    As the old saying goes, Home is where the heart is. Its where our families gather, meals are shared and memories are made. To make sure our home is a place we love spending time at, we all strive to keep it clean, smelling fresh, and have a kitchen thats fully stocked and ready to go!

    At Vitamin Answer we offer a variety of household products to keep your home at its very best. With our selection of natural laundry detergents & home cleaning products from Citrus Magic and E-cloth, you can ensure your house is spic and span without using toxic chemicals. Our assortment of air fresheners, candles & incense from Air Therapy & Aura Cacia gives your home a fresh, pleasant aroma. And our wide range of baby supplies, kitchen dishes & utensils, food storage, pantry items and veggie wash from Lansinoh Laboratories & Preserve makes whipping up a healthy meal quick and easy.
  • Tea


    For thousands of years, people have been drinking tea for its widely recognized holistic health properties. Some even claim that it can prevent diseases and improve overall mental health. We love drinking tea to soothe pesky sore throats, keep warm on colds days, calm stomach aches and most importantly - to wake up in the morning!

    If you couldnt already tell, here at Vitamin Answer we are huge fans of tea. From herbal, green, black, and mate - we enjoy them all. Thats why we are proud to offer a huge selection of teas from the highest quality brands including Yogi Teas, Numi Tea, Traditional Medicinals & Choice Organic. Some of our favorite blends include cinnamon rose, green tea kombacha, jasmine puerh, chamomile citrus & lemon echinacea. So the next time you reach for that cup of joe, we suggest giving one our favorite teas a try instead!
  • Family Health

    Family Health

    It should come as no surprise that good health is essential to living a happy long life. When we speak of health we mean not only for yourself, but also your spouse, partner, children, parents and even your pets. With so many products on the market claiming to treat this and cure that, we know it can be hard to find healthcare items that wont cause harm to you or your loved ones.

    At Vitamin Answer we have made it a top priority to offer you and your family a selection of safe healthcare items including many that are all-natural, botanical, holistic & organic. Featuring only the best brands such as Source Naturals, Health Science Labs, Planetary Herbals, Hylands, All Terrain & Pet Naturals youll find a huge assortment of trusted first aid & health support products for men, women, babies, children, seniors, cats & dogs!

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